2004-10-23 :: 8:31 a.m.

Ug. It's stupidly early (well, ok, it's 8:30, but it's Saturday and I certainly wasn't planning to be up and about just yet!), but here I am because I've just had one of the worst nights sleep of my life. Ever.
But anyway, Marc's gone away to act out his for the weekend, so I had a couple of friedns round for a girlie night in. Was cool. Couple of bottles of wine, takeaway pizza, a chick flick (Love Actually - cheesy but just what was required!) anda fire in the stove. Luvely. And of course lots of gossip to boot. Fabulous!
Because the S-Bahns are the most bizarre thing in the world and don't run between 0:30 and 2:09 (why not? Surely this is exactly the kind of time people want to be going places on a Friday night??), it was 2 by the time they left and therefore, by the time I'd tidied up, it was 3 by the time I got to bed. Add to that the fact that I'd had around a bottle of wine and a Baileys, and you'd think I would have been out like a light. Mais non. Sad as it sounds, the bed is too big and empty without Marc in it. Just to clarify, i have no problem at all with him being away. The days when I missed him every second he wasn't there (and some of you will remember them well ;o) are long gone. (Happens when you've been living with someone for over 3 years!) It's actually quite nice to have the flat to myself. But Marc "belongs" in that bed. I am used to rolling over and him being there. I am used to hearing him snoring. I am used to him kicking me (by mistake, obv!!). These are things I apparently need to get to sleep nowadays. In our bed anyway. I have no problem getting to sleep without him anywhere else. So anyway, I must have got about 2 hours sleep, and at about 7:30 I gave up and got up. And decided to bore you guys with this information. Sorry.
Today will mainly be filled with packing. Oh joy! But I'm going to Paris tonight with the parents, James and one of his mates, who is apparently called Duckett. 14 year old boys don't have first names it would appear. I only now the first name of one of James's friends and that's because I've known him since they were about 5. Think the poor guy probably wshes I didn't know his first name too, because I am incapable of saying "Will" in a normal voice. It always comes out in a Chris Evans TFI Friday "Wiiiiiiiiiiiillllll" type way. Not cool when you're 14 and a ladies man. Whatever. I'm going on the coach to Paris tonight (13 hours - hallelujah!!) and am getting picked up by them tomorrow morning. Will be gone till Friday morning. Perhaps it's not a bad thing that I didn't get any sleep last night, because maybe it means I'll fall asleep quicker on the coach. Or else I won't sleep there either and will quite simply be a zombie for the next week. Which is nice. Either way, I'm hoping the bus won't be too packed so that I can get two seats to myself. Fingers crossed!! The whole complete stranger asleep and dribbling on my shoulder thing is not what I'm looking for right now.
Anyway, I'm off to be productive, or at least try and look like I am!
Will post when I get back from Paris and hopefully my gold subscription will have come through by then and I'll be able to show you lots of piccies!!

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