Merry Christmas!!
2004-12-15 :: 4:42 p.m.

I know, I know, it's been ages since I updated and you've all been dying to hear the latest gossip from my life, right? (Just pretend, ok!!)
So, where were we? Paris!! Of course, we were in Paris! Which was fun! Not only did I climb the Eiffel Tower:

Yes, it is me, I know, it was too dark!!
but I also went to Disneyland and met, amongst others, Donald Duck:

Me, clearly overwhelmed by the whole situation, and therefore looking even more manic than usual. And yes, Donald is dressed as a devil. It was Halloween, ok.
Just so you don't think I spent the whole week being a cheesy tourist, I also went to the Musee d'Orsay and saw lots of pretty pictures, including my favorite, this one:

So, yeah, it was fab. And Mum, Dad and Jim were there (along with the very pleasant Jonathan Duckett, a friend of James's), which is always great. I always say, I don't miss England. If my family and you guys were here, I would never want to leave.
The other big news is.......
I'm engaged!!!
Marc and I are getting married in October next year. If you've got the link to this diary, you can be pretty sure of getting an invitation - provided I have a current address for you. You would be surprised how many people this isn't the case for. I will post pictures of the ring pretty soon, promise!!
Other than that, it's Christmas too of course. I'm staying in Germany again this year. The dissertation means that I really don't have time to come home - it'll probably be April by the time I get round to coming back to the UK. Put my Christams tree up on Monday and am listening to "White Christmas" and feeling very festive! Got a lot of Christmas parties to go to in the next week, and what with babysitting for people who are going to Christmas parites as well, I've got a lot on at the mo. Off to Nuremberg to Marc's family on the 23rd though, and will probably be staying till the 26th. Then it's back home and back to the grindstone - joy!!
Have a merry christmas, and, if you read this, please either leave me a note or a guestbook entry so I know you dropped by!

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